About Us

     "Mana Sanat Tejarat" relying on it's founder 's experience as one of managers of a well known international Polyolefins producer, was established in Year 2005 and is now one of the well known suppliers of Polymer stabilizers, Antioxidants, HALS, UV absorbers, PVC stabilizers.  

     "Mana Sanat Tejarat" is sole agent and sole distributor of "Songwon" Industrial company in district of Iran for Polymer Stabilizers such as: Antioxidants, HALS, UV absorber, PVC  stabilizers, Me Soap,TPU, Flocculants.

     "Mana Sanat Tejarat" is  now  a  well-know company for quality, honesty and knowledge-based company  in Polymer Industry of Iran,  and now Mana Sanat Tejrat is looking  at the horizon  to become one of the top 3 commercial companies in Iran.Thanks to the quality of the products  of "Songwon" company,  the second  biggest producer of Polymer stabilizers in the world , our first business partner.

     "Mana Sanat Tejarat" is now looking to add other specialities product such as Slip Agent.